About Hakim Dan Rekan

HAKIMDANREKAN have experienced in supporting production sharing contractors and service providers in large, intermediate, and small scale projects.HAKIMDANREKAN is a law firm established in 2005 at the initiative of certain oil and gas industry professionals, including the former president and executives of distinguished Production Sharing Contract contractors and Indonesian oil and gas authorities.

Given that background, we developed into a unique law firm, with ample experience in providing legal services to a variety of domestic and foreign clients in the oil and gas industry having to do with issues concerning regulations, contracts, licenses, procurement, and development of oil and gas field facilities. As such, we became not only a law firm dealing with theory and regulations, but also competent in giving a legal opinion within the perspective of managerial, business, and operational issues. In so doing, we were taken into the confidence of not only by international and national oil and gas firms, but also by international law firms to jointly undertake sizeable oil and gas legal projects.

In an effort to support development of national talent, we played a role by giving tens of oil and gas legal training sessions (pro bono) to several Indonesian universities, such as Airlangga University, Gadjah Mada University, University of Indonesia, Padjajaran University, and Parahyangan University. 

We have supported institutions and agencies in the Indonesian oil and gas sector, production sharing contractors, investor companies, service providers, both national as well as international in large, intermediate, and small scale projects.

Among the projects, we have been involved in:

  •     Assist in preparing oil and gas regulations;
  •     Assist in reviewing of oil and gas contracts:
    •       the Production Sharing Contracts (PSC),
    •       Joint Operating Agreements (JOA),
    •       Crude Sales Agreements,
    •       Unitization Agreement and Unit Operating Agreements,
    •       Facility Sharing Agreements (FSA),
    •       Farm-in Agreements,
    •       Engineering Procurement Construction & Installation Agreements,
    •       Seismic/Drilling/Drilling Support/ Vessel/ Fixed Wing Agreements,
    •       Principle of Agreement for the field development of Liquid Natural Gas,
    •       Operational Cooperation Agreements (Kerja Sama Operasi – KSO),
    •       Technical Assistance Contracts (TAC),
    •        Enhanced Production Cooperation Agreement (EPCA),
    •        Old Wells Work-over Contracts,
    •        Gas Sale Agreements,
    •        Partnership Agreements (Perjanjian Kemitraan), and other agreements;
  •     Accompany clients during contract negotiation;
  •     Providing a legal opinion;
  •     Perform legal due diligence;
  •     Assist the client in a tender process;
  •     Represent client in the process of dispute settlement both in arbitration (e.g. International Chamber of Commerce – ICC and Badan Arbitrase Nasional Indonesia –                   BANI) as well as in court;
  •     Provide expert witness statements in both civil and criminal proceedings;
  •     Provide oil and gas legal training to provincial governments, Attorney General’s Office, Bank BNI, and to the Directorate General of Taxation.




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